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Cameo Queen

Here are my rules to becoming a modern day cameo queen.

1. Never wear more than one cameo at once (unless they are matching earrings)

2. BUY THE REAL STUFF. Wait and continue to treasure hunt for authentic real cameos. Be aware that just because you're at an antique store doesn't mean they are real!

3. The smaller/medium sized are best.

4. Be patient, it takes an investment of time to find 'the gold'.

5. Explore locally. Antique stores are always changing and chances are traveling to a big antique store means other people are too, meaning it'll be picked over.

I'm Cameo Crazy! Seriously, I love them but they can easily look tacky without buying the real ones.

Real Cameos are:

-Matte, not shiny

-Made from a shell so it is not smooth

-Should be a little rounded in the back

There are some rules to keep in mind to differentiate the real vs. fake cameos. Don't get fooled into buying a fake cameo by an expensive price tag!

Now you know the tips&tricks to becoming a modern day Cameo Queen <3

#vintage #antique #fashion

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