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Valentines Day

I am in love with Valentines day! A holiday based around flowers, chocolate and champagne? C'mon that is ULTIMATE. Even iif Valentines day isn't your favorite holiday the best part about it is you can make it as low-key or obnioxous as you please. No matter what your relationship status is, that should'nt dictate your opinion on valentines day! Here's my current valentines favorites!

1. MAKE CARDS. They matter.

I always get my Valentines from Sugar Paper.

I don't always make the cards but I always make sure to buy blank valentines, that is key. Don't just send a card that says happy valentines day with your signature on it THAT IS JUNK MAIL. Valentines should be really a card sending your love, they should feel it.


Maison Farola

OBSESSED with this detroit based flower boxes. If you live in Detroit or metro Detroit make sure to give them an order!


My sisters and I always send each other Valentines day packages. They are so fun because there are just so many Valentines day themed gifts! Listed below are my current obsessions..

Jo Malone London 'Red Roses' Bath Oil $65

Chloe 'Roses de Chloé' Eau de Toilette Spray $122

Diptique Roses Scented Candle $62

BKR. in Tutu Heart or Bougie $35

Angelina ark chocolate and salted caramel toffee $35

When in doubt throw on a mask and robe and snack on raspberry covered chocolate chips, its always good.


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