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Current Obsession: Clear Cased

Lately I've been obsessed with clear cases for cosmetics/toiletries. They are the best to travel with because they are clean and so easy. Since you can see everything in them they are amazing to pack in and can easily find things right when you get to your destination. Especially at night when you arrive and are exhausted, I'm always so happy I can quickly grab whatever I need!

Here are some of my favorite clear cases I've found recently!

Madewell Large Crystalline Travel Bag $24

H&M Makeup Bag in Powder $10

Tartan + Twine Basics Clear Train Case $12

Clearly M.A.C. Trio $42

*Last Tip: Try your local pharmacy store...

I know it sounds random but I found an amazing set of 3 clear travel bags (Just like the M.A.C. ones listed above) in various sizes that I'm OBSESSED with for only $7! Pharmacies are known (by me) to have the most random treasures!! It's because the younger group overlooks the pharmacy's that all the grandparents go to. That's why they have the best stuff! Just like a TJ Maxx in a shitty town, they always have the best stuff because the people who shop there aren't looking for the same types of things as you are. So in those places, chances are they won't be sold out of what you would want, it will probably be on clearance!

So there you have it, go get those bags of clear shining armor <3

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