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Springing into the Season

Spring is my favorite season, everything is in bloom. These are my beauty picks for the season that I'm currently crushing on, and make sure I have in stock for the season.

Evian Facial Spray $21

-They also come in bigger bottles but I prefer the 3-pack so I can throw one in my purse, or take one to go. So many rose water sprays are coming out (which I love) but sometimes you gotta get back to the classics.

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer $32

-This is my newest obsession. It is made with coconut water and electrolytes that are really moisturizing (rather than a silicone feeling that most primers have). I apply this even on days when I don't wear makeup because it makes me feel super refreshed and revitalized.

Jo Malone Grapefruit Lotion $55

-I'm obsessed with grapefruit in the spring, and this will always be my favorite fragrance by Jo Malone. Lighter than the body creme, this lotion is perfect for the season.

Roses Candle by Diptyque $62

-I love all of Diptyque's line. The roses though, is my all time favorite along with Fig Tree for Fall and Orange Blossom for Summer.

Chloe Love Story Eau de Parfum Spray $105

-All of Chloe's fragrances are so feminine and beautiful I love them all. This one is crisp and also sophisticated with Floral and Orange Blossom undertones.

Clarasonic Mia FIT Compact $189

-This design when I first saw it was definitely not my favorite, I like the look of the Mia 2 way better. But what changed my mind was traveling. I love using the Clarisonic but packing it is just annoying when I'm traveling. This new compact is perfect for guilt-free packing and having the option to bring it if you need it.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Perfecter $55

-THIS IS AMAZING. It has the texture of the Smashbox Primer but is easier to spread. It is a compact that holds almost like a liquid silicone. It is made to be used for oily skin to give a matte finish, but I don't have oily skin so I use it as a makeup corrector. It is perfect for cleaning up your eye liner that isn't straight or to clean up eye shadow that may have falling under your eyes without removing the rest of your makeup. You just apply it to your under eye and lightly brush off where the shadow is and it will remove the shadow without removing your concealer or showing the area of makeup you removed.

Honey, I Dew by Davids Tea

-I know this isn't a beauty pick but my friend Claire and I tried this last season and it couldn't go unlisted. Made from melon and mango it has floral undertones that is so good. When I tried it in the Fall I was longing for the Spring to just stroll around with this iced tea enjoying the fresh blooms and sun. And now that it's finally here and I haven't forgotten about it, means it must be pretty damn good!

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