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Mother's Day Recap

I'm always for keeping it simple for mothers day gifts. Nice flowers and a hand written card is best in my books. I save the candles, perfumes, etc. etc for birthdays.

These flowers are from Maison Farola (in Detroit). They had a pop-up in Kit and Ace for Mothers day this weekend. The owners are so sweet and just have it down beautifully. I wrote a card for my mom and they sealed it with their gold wax and rose seal. I love these flowers because it reminds me of Maison Des Fleurs from Dubai.

For mothers day this year we kept it super casual, my family all came to Detroit and we went to breakfast at one of my favorite little diners downtown, Rose's Fine Foods. We then spent the day at my sisters house, people coming in and out all day (family friends). Basically, the day could be summed up by lots of lounging, coffee, babies and love. Hope your day with your moms or whoever you love in your life was relaxing and rejuvenating.


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