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Fresh Faced: Your Skins Revival

When it comes to skin I believe less is more. The less you use the less your skin will become dependent on using products, aka why people breakout if they don't wash their face everyday. However, sometimes you need a little burst of moisture to get rid of any dullness and have a radiant, dewy face finish.

This combination is like a cooling facial. Together I use these products listed below then top it off with my ice roller.

Step 1: With a fresh face spray the tonic mist over face and blend with a cotton round

Ole Henrickson Nurture Me Facial Water $22

-I love this spray because it isn't as harsh as regular toner. This is infused with cucumber and camomile that is so refreshing.

Step 2: Moisturize without the weight

Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream $40

-You guys know my obsession with rose, but that's not all why I love this product. It's not as thick as a cream but just as rich in moisture so it doesn't feel so heavy on skin. (Way more season appropriate)!

Step 3: Seal the deal with a little boost

Too Faced Hangover Primer $32

-This was in my spring fling beauty picks, it is super replenishing and I even wear it on days that I don't wear makeup (which is often) lol

Step 4: Ice it

Hansderma HD Skincool Ice Roller $30

-So I originally bought this for my wisdom teeth, it is made to sooth post facial surgery's. Let me tell you it is way more than that though. This freezes wrinkles, refreshes your skin and makes your skin energized. I cannot wake up in the morning without it. Using this after the products listed above is the most amazing thing. Seriously, try it.


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