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This weekend we had a sisters weekend, all the sisters except the youngest we all missed the baby of the fam!! But along with being a junior in highschool it's inevitable that she's a busy lady!

Dallas has a special place in my heart, it reminds me of Detroit but all of the outskirts around it are all safe. (Although that's one of Detroits charms). But whatever, I fell in love with Dallas because it is the queen of strip malls. There are the nicest, newest strip malls you e ever seen literally everywhere! I could never see myself living in Dallas but it's perfect to weekend to!

One of my sisters lives there so we mostly hung around her pool, watched movies in the theatre, and had a laid back weekend. Laura and I hung out downtown a lot because the older sisters have babies and there are still lots of naps involved, lol!

Local: juice and coffee

This was the cutest place! It's right outside of Dallas and has all of my favorite things, juice flights, cold brews, and toasts! Everything's local and they had a a cocoa almond milk made similar to the pressed juciery one I always get at Alfred's in their ten dollar lattes.

Mercat bistro:

If I opened a cafe this is what it would look like. Remember my post on honey?? Well we got honeycomb and ricotta with teas and eggs for breakfast. I loved this place because it was in the middle of downtown but no one was bothering you, it wasn't crowded and felt super private!

The Joule:

We hung out here a lot. It's right next to Neimans downtown and a really cute coffee shop, book store and boutique inside. It's right in front of the huge eye, I didn't snatch a picture this time because I had soo many from the first time I went, LOL! But if you're going to Dallas you should definitely stay here.

Whole foods: So I'm still recovering from my wisdom teeth (three weeks later) I'm still not on solid foods so I had to run to whole foods right when I got there to stock up on smoothie stuff, avocados, etc. Because Texas is so big there are so many local entrepreneurs around that whole foods is filled with local products in Dallas. Two of my favorite picks from this trip were

-MALK. Last time I was visiting Dallas I fell in love with vanilla MALK. It is almond milk made from organic, sprouted almonds--So amazing! But this time I found that MALK has a line of iced coffees!!

-Buddhas brew kombucha: Another great find was kumbucha jugs! My sisters all drink it so I was praising when I saw this LOL! Finally enough for us all not to have them all lying out.

*Side note* this whole foods also had my favorite Dastony sprouted almond butter**

Here are more pictures to show off my camera roll this weekend ;)

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