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Moisturize w/o Lotion

I really can't stand lotion. I have never been a lotion girl, but I'll use coconut oil after I shower that seeps into the skin and the next day your skin is so much softer than you would ever be with just lotion. This is because lotion is infused with chemicals that have drying properties, it is good for short term but ultimately dries out your skin. Companies do his on purpose so you will buy more. If you're going to lather up on chemicals you may as well luxe it out. If you are sensitive to them just use the first two ingredients of the recipe.

I usually mix an essential oil in with the coconut oil but lately I've been luxing it up. This has been my new go-to moisturizing recipe

-Coconut oil

-Rosehip Oil

-La Mer oil

-Flowerbomb oil

Sunfood Raw Coconut Oil $15

This is your base.

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil $21

Adding this is like adding a anti-aging fairy godmother to your moisturizer. I used to use rosewater concentrate to coconut oil and call it a day. But now I use this because it has the same rose scent as rosewater but has the benefits that rosewater doesn't. Add 2-3 drops for every scoop of oil.

La Mer Renewal Oil $240

Enriched with collagen, shake the product before adding to the coconut oil. All of La Mer's products are known for being worth the price. I use five drops for every two scoops of oil.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Precious Oil $75

My sister got me hooked on this years ago but the oil is new! First thing I thoguht when I saw this is how perfect it would go in my coconut oil. It has the same smell as flowerbomb but not as heavy and when you mix it with coconut oil, the scent lingers a lot longer. I love putting this in my coconut oil before the weekend. I add one drop to every scoop of oil but on weekends I use 2 or 3.


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