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Getting ready in the 90's was just better

After this post you're going to be like how was I getting ready before?? I swear these 90's picks have been saving my life for years and luckily they're all still in stock to buy!

Hair clips $10

-The smaller hair clips have come back in style the past few years opting out from bobby pins, but I'm talking about the huge ones. I recently got back into these, I dont know why I ever stopped. They're so easy to pull your hair back when youre doing you makeup or just lounging. I'm not that big into wearing these out out but I definitely will be wearing one if I'm at the airport or road trip.

Silk scrunchies $5

-So so good. I use these instead of ponytail holders at home. They don't pull on your hair unlike regular ponytail holders which damage your hair. I don't know why these ever went out of style..

Colorful Mascara $29

-I know this is a major throwback but YSL just came out with new shades and they are really good. Pick out a color that compliments your eye, I have dark brown eyes so I have the No.3, it's the emerald green one. They are really subtle so you don't have to wear obnoxiously colored shadow to make your eyes pop.

Face Mask $47

Love that these are everywhere. This one is a mild mask that gives you an extra boost to make you glow.

Headbands (This one is $38)

-Obviously these are super convenient for putting on makeup but also you can convert them into chokers. I'm not really into chokers anymore, but I always keep my eye out for headbands at Anthropologie because they always have such pretty ones that are so versatile

Caboodles $50

-Best for last, I honestly couldn't live without this. It's so much storage space I put all of my makeup in it and I'm never worried about any of my makeup getting ruined because it's actually a makeup case. It's so nice because I have a few small bags I use when traveling and the rest of the makeup I don't necessarily use everyday but still want I store here. Caboodle has chic designs now, so they aren't just the hot pink and purple plastic ones!

Ok, now I just want to put a robe and face mask on with my hair in a oversized hair clip, see ya.


#90s #Pamper #Clueless

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