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These are my top tips and tricks that most originate from my 90 year old grandma who barely had wrinkles and looked like she was 60.


At night I always use an eye cream. It's so important to have an eye cream not just a face lotion. My bestfriend Ashley just told me such a good quote, "you wouldn't put body lotion on your face" (talking about how face lotion won't cut it for your eyes). I use Ole Henrickson fresh start eye cream, its super thick so I like to use it at night. In the morning I use Kiehl's creamy avocado eye cream because it is a lot thinner but still anti-aging.

After Eye cream I go for a wrinkle cream. I use this on my chest before I go to sleep. The one ingredient you should look for in an anti-aging cream is retinol (derived from vitamin A). I like L'Oreal's because I don't feel like I have to savor it I can use it every night generously. L'Oreal owns most all beauty brands and run the best product quality.

Sunscreen on hands at night and morning: You can tell a woman's age by her hands and chest, so I make sure to use a wrinkle cream on my chest and sunscreen on my hands.


Fish oil $24

My grandma taught me the importance of fish oil she took it everyday by the spoon and was working out up until she was in her 90's. I can't do that by the spoon so I take the pills of omega-3 fish oil, so much easier for me.

Collagen $24

You can take this by the powder or a supplement. I've been taking the supplement its easy to take it with the fish oil in the morning then not have to worry about it.


-Stress can age you to an EXXXXXTREEEME

Just look at Obama, the past 8 years he looks like he has aged like 40 years. Any job that is causing you that much stress take a step back and reconsider if it is worth it. I was in a job in Chicago that was so stressful and I realized that's not what I want my life to look like. I was promoted within the first 6 months and was doing really well but the stress was a deal breaker. I took a step back and realized becoming the leader of that office is not who or what I wanted to become. Sometimes you have to follow your instincts but most importantly acknowledge whats wrong. If its the people, surround yourself around different ones, if its the job, change it, if it 's the place, move. It can become so easy to feel trapped but you are in charge of your happiness so if it isn't there change it. Living a whole new life now I realize you should be happy everyday, not all day everyday but every damn day or something is wrong. It doesn't just affect your happiness but stress is cutting years off of your life. I think the 6 months I was in Chicago I lost 6 years on my life, if I could go back I would've left after a week.

-Don't tan: just don't do it. I think this is the biggest tip you can follow. I would way rather be super pale now and save my skin then be super aged by the age of 40. Especially with so many fake tanners out there you can easily fake the tan with St. Tropez that does not damage your skin. Or even better, just an instagram filter... lol


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