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Shop the Recipe: Charcoal Toothpaste

Some of the ingredients in toothpaste is scary. I've been trying to use alternatives whenever I can. This is a super easy recipe to make that is really whitening. I made this on the go which is why I had a travel coconut pack with me.

A quick tip for you is to use less oil to make it a toothpaste consistency. But I like to make it with more oil and use it to oil pull in the morning. You can also grab a travel cosmetic jar and make the toothpaste before you leave on a trip or wherever, it saves you space! Below is how I make charcoal toothpaste.

Shop the recipe:

Coconut Oil $12 for 10 travel pouches

Activated Charcoal $22

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil $11

Baking Soda $4

Travel Jars $12


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