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Purse Purge and a Well-kept Wallet

I started taking my purse and wallet situation in shape and now I feel OCD about it. Nothing makes you feel more chic than having a clean and organized purse and wallet.

During this post you'll hear me talk about the space for your money as a home. This is how Feng Shui views your wallet. It makes sense, when you respect your moneys home (your wallet and purse) you allow it to grow.

I read a few articles on Feng Shui and was really impacted by the way I looked at my purse and wallet situation, it really stuck with me. Feng Shui (or 'wind' and 'water') is a Chinese proverb of well being ancient art and science originating form China over 3,000 years ago. It is based on "chi" which is the the concept that your environment has an energy and can be used to attract good things in our lives.

I know Feng Shui can be a little out there sometimes but if it can lead to financial growth why wouldn't you try it? A clean purse and wallet isn't much of a sacrifice to test it out, even if you don't follow Feng Shui these are amazing tips to always follow, Feng Shui fan or not.

Best Color Wallet: Red, Gold, and Beige

-Red is the luckiest color of Feng Shui best because it attracts money, it will add a positive flow of prosperity. A red wallet will also lead to financial security.

-By carrying a gold wallet you will be attracting luxury and wealth.

-A beige wallet is associated with the Earth, using a beige wallet will attract financial growth by attracting stability and confidence.

Note: There are other colors Feng Shui suggests. However, these colors are the strongest attraction to what I want to attract.

What NOT to keep in your wallet:

The modern day photos people used to carry of their grand kids or whatever, don't get dated by keeping these in your wallet, they don't belong!

It's important not just to throw everything in your purse or stuff your wallet with receipts, etc. because you want to show your moneys home respect,


-Throw away immediately or if you need them, buy a receipt holder. Holding receipts in your wallet is symbol of lost money and 'insults' it.

Business Cards

-Get a card holder if you don't it will seriously junk up your wallet


-Feng Shui says you shouldn't keep your coins in your wallet. Invest in a change purse, I found a really pretty ivory quilted one at H&M!

Shop my favorites below

Red Wallet $150

Beige wallet $195

Coin Purse $48

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