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Tuck Your Hair Back, Show Off Your Great Earrings -Into the Gloss

I have always really looked up to Emily Weiss, she is one of the inspirations behind why I started my blog. I think she has the best taste, which shows in the success in her blog and business. Leave it up to Emily to have the best team for Into The Gloss from the stylists to the models, photographers and editors, this article is just so so good (can't say I'm surprised)! Check out all articles posted at!

I'm so excited Into the Gloss did an article on this because ever since the winter, this has been MY LOOOOOOK. I don't like when girls hide their face behind a ton of hair. I think it is so much more poised to have your hair pulled back so you can see your face. This hairstyle mixed with a statement earring is a perfect pair.


Start by parting the hair straight down the middle and smooth out with a hair oil. Take about an inch and a half of hair from the front and comb it down behind your ears to the very back of your neck and secure with a thin band. Place the rest of your hair laid on top to cover, this will keep your locks in place all day (or night).

What you'll need:

Ouai Hair Oil $28

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray $12

Clear Elastic Hair Bands $6

Complete the look:

Aludra Posts $38

Jennifer Fisher Huggie Gold-plated Hoop Earrings $260

Erickson Beamon Sadle Earrings $556

Beaded Tassel Earrings $65

Samantha Wills Velvet Ocean Crystal Earrings $138

Nadri Hoops $60

Pictures by Tom Newton (


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