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Block it out

So to be honest, I still don't exactly know where I stand with sunscreen and if I'm for or against it.. My sister always tells me how dangerous the chemicals are that make it work. She says you shouldn't be in the sun that long where you should burn. But sometimes, you have to be. As much as I try to protect myself from the sun with oversized hats, cover ups, etc. sometimes it's necessary to get the SPF out. These are my favorite sunscreens to use when I can't get out of the sun!

Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm $10

-This is a perfect everyday lip balm to carry in the summer because of the added SPF!

Sun Bum stick $10

-This smells so so good I wasn't expecting it. I would use this even if it didn't have SPF in it! It's also super tiny so you can just throw it in your bag.

LancerSheer Fluid Sun Shield $52

-I kept this in my car (mostly for my hands) till I ran out! Hands and face are my main priority with SPF.

Badger Balm Anti-Bug Sunscreen $15

-This is PERFECT for up north, which is almost always on a lake. This is a two in one so you won't get sunburned or get bugs in your space.

Moroccan Oil SPF 30 $32

-This is a lotion that smells good and is perfect for a pool day. Just make sure with this and all sunscreens you apply 15 minutes before you're in the sunlight to make it more effective. If you apply it in the sun it won't have time to absorb.

What are your opinions on sunscreen, are you religiously wearing it everyday, if so what kind? Or are you concerned about the negative health effects? Let me know in my new comment box below ;)


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