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Kylie's Power Bowl

Obviously I follow Kylie Jenner on snapchat, she is like the snapchat queen. The other day she was shooting with some of her friends for Kylie Cosmetics at her house. She snapped one of her chefs making a power bowl that looked so good I had to recreate, I figured if everyone she was with was snapping it, it's gotta be good. (Skip to .45)

I had a couple of my friends over yesterday and made this because it is seriously so easy and perfect for lunch or dinner. The only big difference is that I added onion instead of chicken.

What you'll need:




-Brown Rice

-Sweet Potato

-Brussel Spouts


-Olive oil




-Herbs (I used Curry, Garlic, Cheyenne pepper, and Turmeric)

Easiest way to make:

-On a cookie sheet place the brussel sprouts with olive oil, crushed garlic, and pepper for 35 minutes at 350 F.

-On another cookie sheet about 15 minutes later, add the sliced sweet potato, onion and drained chickpeas. I season my chickpeas before I put them in the oven with turmeric, garlic powder and curry. The sweet potato ill just use olive oil and pepper.

-In a stir fry bowl (I use this one) drizzle olive oil then add the the broccoli on low and cover, stirring every few minutes.

-After 10 minutes or so, uncover and add turmeric and garlic powder then place on high until brown.

-Steam the kale and add lemon to the kale and rice.

Add all to a bowl and drizzle a tiny amount of tahini and maybe a pinch of Himalayan sea salt and that's it!


#Vegan #recipes

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