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Poolproof Glam under a min.

I feel like I have mastered summer glam. This is the easiest, low-maintenance glam you can do at the beach without a mirror. Opt out some of your normal makeup and swap for these beauty picks.

Step 1.

Laura Mercier SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer $44

Moisturize + spf + some color one and done.

Step 2.

Clinique Curling Mascara $18

This is honestly the best mascara formula I've ever used (between me and my five sisters I feel like I have tried every mascara out there). The formula is magical because it comes off like eraser marks, it never smudges or smears so even if you go in your pool and rub your eyes you can brush it off.

Step 3.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick N9 $20

I swipe this across my lips then tap some on my cheeks and rub it in for some color. Emily Ratajkowski gave me this idea and uses this color but any rosy red color works, work with your mood.

This is all you need. This is at most all I wear in the summer because less is more, really.


Finish with Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 $28

If you really feel like you need to up it up a notch, switch out your brow wiz for waterproof eyeliner in brown.


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