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Meet my Inspos: Laura

I'm really excited to be doing a mini series highlighting some of my favorite people who are my inspirations. I'm kicking it off with no other than the best... Anne's very own... sister! (Aren't I great at intros??) LOL

Brief summary of Laura--She is queen bee of how to glow inside & out and just moved to Salt Lake City from LA. She lives for a good pour over coffee, fresh blooms, and minimalist living. She is the most motivated person I've ever met and isn't afraid to ask (and receive) more. **She once landed a very prestigious job she interviewed for in jeans**

Ever since we were little she's had a 'princess attitude', not always in a good way.. She would boss me around. But she also always has her room and things in pristine condition, taught me the importance of silk pajamas and the color light pink and never stopped until she got what she wanted. She's built a life around that same attitude. Her blog, is a perfect representation of the 'princess attitude'. It is amazing, and I'm not just biased ;)

Read for yourself how she gets her constant, effortless glow.

Top five makeup/beauty products: Ursa Major Face Balm, Hansderma ice roller, Purederm collagen eye pads, Tarte eyelash curler, any new mascara

Go-to snack: strawberries with raw almond butter and Numi chocolate pu-erh tea

Tell me what you're currently into (website/blogging/etc.): podcasting, blogging, mentoring, reading great books, handwriting notes to people I love, drinking rose with girlfriends, collecting advice from other glow girls (like you!)

What are your top 3 purse essentials: Portland Bee Balm, a bkr, wallet

Who are your inspirations right now (favorite bloggers/youtubers/singers/etc.): ANNE TESS,

Darling Magazine, thatsotee and brittaneyelise (instagram), Mimi Ikonn, Liz Gilbert, Kanye West, Mireille Guiliano, Heather Dubrow, Carla Bruni

Most recent amazon purchases: dried organic lavender, coconut charcoal capsules, MegaFood Blood Booster supplement, The Bingo Theory by Mimi Ikonn, Essential by Joshua Fields Millburn, cute pink dumbbell weights

Best advice you've ever been given (or can give): Measure your success on how much fun you're having

Coffee order: Hot black in the fall and winter, iced with a splash of good almond milk and cinnamon in the spring and summer (Chameleon Organic is my favorite cold brew)

Nail color go to: OPI Sweetheart is the perfect pale pink! Lincoln Park After Dark when it gets cold

Best thing to splurge on: Experiences with people I love (travel, spa, dining, horseback riding, wine tasting, I could go on forever!). Oh, and a monthly massage and cupping session.

Favorite places in Salt Lake City: Valter's Osteria, Vive Juicery, Memory Grove Park, Les Madeleines, Cecret Lake, The Rose Establishment, Publik Coffee, The Cliff Spa at Snowbird, the downtown public library

Connect with her here:

Instagram: lauramcd123

Twitter: lauramcd123


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