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Golden, everyday

I love a good everyday jewelry get up that goes with everything. So before I go any further, I have to introduce my friend Sofia who is the queen bee of everyday jewelry. She always has the best pieces paired together season after season. For birthdays she's given me some of my all time favorites (and hand me downs from her old boyfriend) LOL. I had her answer a few Q's for getting perfectly golden everyday.

What is the key to putting together an effortless everyday jewelry look?

My go-to look is simple diamond stud earrings with one or two dainty gold necklaces and a simple gold bracelet. I feel that this look can go with most every day outfit and doesn’t take much thought when putting together!

Do you have any tips/tricks for not going overboard?

For me, I believe that less is always more! Stay simple and chic. Always make sure your jewelry is the same color as the hook on your belt, shoes and purse!

If I want to wear hoops or any earring that is bigger or a bit bolder than a stud, I tend to not wear a necklace in order to keep the focus on the earrings and maybe just add a couple of simple rings to help tie that look together like the ones linked below.

What do you look for when buying new pieces?

When it comes to buying new pieces, I look for pieces that match my style and personality. I try to look for the things that I will want to wear forever. I love switching up my necklaces with ones that I have had for years that have been hidden away for awhile—feels like new! If I am going for a trendier piece of jewelry I go with the ones that I think I will wear most often

Your favorite jewelry piece currently?

My current obsession is a necklace that my sister gave me, it is the gold necklace that says 'sister'. It’s simple, just how I like it!

Ok so I loved Sof's input so I decided to put together a couple of everyday jewelry looks I'm super into, and I had Sofia do the same.

Anne's Looks:

Look #1 Love earrings, dash necklace, X ring

Sofia gave me earrings that look like this for my birthday and I'm obsessed with them!

Jennifer Meyer gold bar necklace

Gold X band, either solid gold or with diamonds

Look #2 Elsa Peretti initial necklace, gold pendant necklace, stackable rings

Sofia's Looks:

Look #1 I would pair either of the rings (links above) with these two necklaces layered

Look #2 Layer the two bracelets with the necklace and earrings or wear with the stack of three


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