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Top 8: High-T

I love tea, but there are definetely a lot of them I'm not a fan of. I tend to generally favorite white teas. I'm not a big fan of green tea (except for Organic & Pure or mixed w peppermint). My sister Kathleen has drawers and drawers of teas and knows all the best, so because of her I've gotten back into it. I made a top 8 of my current go-tos. Although my all time favorite teas would include Youthberry and Angelinas Mont-Blanc tea, this is a list of my favorite organic teas.

Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Plus (good alternative to youthberry)

Numi tumeric tea (It's not even just tumeric it has like a spicy black eta feel to it)

Yogi pepperment tea

Organic & Pure Green Tea With Lemon (honestly, unless its iced I'm not a big green tea fan but this one my bestfriend Ash got me addicted. It has a little spice to it).

Numi chocolate mint tea (you can add a splash of macadamia milk)

Yogi Bedtime caramel (In the winter I drink this every night before bed, summer months I opt out for lemon-ginger)

Trader Joes Organic Ginger Pear White Tea (perfect, mild midday tea)

Buddha Dandelion Root tea (I don't drink this everyday but I tend to grab it when I need a detox kick)

Now go sip your tea.


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