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FRIENDS: 22 year tribute

September 22nd marks the 22nd friends anniversary (that to me is a golden one). It was today in 1994 the world was graced with Friends. I couldn't tell you how much I love this show, I started watching it when I was little, reeeeal little with my sister Sarah. Lets just say I never knew there was a real storyline until later in middle school/early high school days when I started renting the seasons from the video store, talk about a throwback... But I do remember super clearly when the finale aired, I can picture my sisters standing up with their hands over their mouths the whole time haha.

Since then a lot has happened (obviously) but we continued to watch it on repeat and friends is definitely having a fashion moment.

I've been really into Ross's style lately, LOL. I obviously still love Monica and Rachel's style, straight neckline tanks with super skinny straps, high waisted jeans, and silk slips are always good. But Ross has the best quarter button downs, waffle shirts, and lots of oversized crewnecks. But then again Phoebe has some great statement coats and joey has lots of high neck t shirts, damnit I can't choose one (sorry Chandler, your collared button downs didn't give me much inspiration).

So, shop below my favorite trends from Friends:

American Apparel 2x2 Rib Square Tank Bodysuit $35

BDG Girlfriend Denim Vest $70

Tommy Jeans '90s Pullover Sweatshirt $129

Aritzia Babaton Mika Sweater $195

KENDALL and KYLIEBrooke Velvet Block Heel Booties $200

Vince Basic Henley $85 (get a size bigger than you would in women's, then you'll have yourself an oversized sweater)

Obviously suede mini skirts and velvet scrunchiesare good too, just don't cut your hair to have bangs... LOL.

Ok, off to watch!


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