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New Years Resolutions

This is the perfect time to make your new years resolutions, to grace the new year with your best self.

Some people have such an issue with new years resolutions and make such a big deal about them, who tf cares? If your working towards a bigger goal or working on becoming your best self who cares about the people one step ahead of you. you should never feel less than anyone for beginning now.

How great would it be to ring in the new year with some of your resolutions already crossed off!? This is a perfect time to get in tune with yourself and connect with where you want to go and achieve this year. I think the most important thing is to figure out what you want more of and make goals to achieve it. But make sure to focus on the positive don't dwell on the negative.

Marianna Hewitt has posted a really good printable below (I just fill out the 'more of' side). This inspired me to create my own type of assignments so I narrowed it down to three activities listed below

1. Favorite moments of the year and intentions for the new year

2. List of what your thankful the year brought vs. list of what you want the new year to bring

3. Monthly goals: This makes it easier to track and seems more manageable than a couple big goals. You should definitely write down your big goals but the key is to make a plan to get there.

Whatever activity (or all) you decide to do, make sure to actually WRITE IT DOWN.

Some of my resolutions from last year were:

-Value my own opinion before anyone else (in regards to myself)

-Organize and purge my things (every single thing you have should have a home)

-Say no to more

Some of my new resolutions are:

-Read at least a book a month

-Save half spend half

-Become more of a minimalist

Hope this helps! I know there is such a bad connotation with NYR you picture the girl with pick-tails in and all new workout gear at the gym on the first, but really the only thing worse, is not acting on any new resolutions. We should constantly be making new resolutions throughout the year, not just at NY but if it helps motivate some people who forget to write down goals or plans during the year, I'm all for it!

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