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Kick your sickness out

This is why I barely posted last week.. This has been my MOOOOOOOD lately, can anyone relate?

Not feeling 100% is the worst, but luckily Kevin, a guy I met at Erewhon (my favorite grocery store in LA) was making me a golden latte when he told me the magic potion to getting better without drowning yourself in chemicals of dayquil or advil. Without further ado here there are:

1. Silver Biotics $45

This stuff is just as strong as antibiotics. It is the real deal and will kick your sickness to the curb asap. But be careful to use only as much as it says because this is super strong there are kinda scary side effects.

2. Formula 103 Aged Garlic Extract Immune $20

This helps aid your healing after you take the silver bionics.

3. Oil of Oregeno $32

I make a shot of ginger and lemon with cayenne, then I add 2 drops of oil of oregano, this stuff is GNARLY so I can only stand 2 drops at a time. I like to chase with some manuka honey.

4. Add a green juice. The key is to get one without sugar just greens not fruit, besides lemon.

Also, if I wake up and really don't feel well but I have to make it somewhere I'll make a tumeric latte to go with my green juice. Erewhon has a really good one I copied with a few tweaks.



-Oil of oregano


-All spice





Gynostemma tea (you can sub ginger tea or almond milk too)

-Manuka honey


-Coconut oil

Blend all together and take it for a breakfast on the go

P.S. I also wanted to share with you guys these lozenges I found at Plum Market, they are Zinc, Elderberry (I'm pretty sure you can get them anywhere)

Quantum Health, Zinc Elderberry Roll, Raspberry $3

It's taken me a lot of sickness to get it down and these are the best I've tried, so next time you get sick hope this helps!


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