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Shower Boosts

I wish I would have known some of these products existed earlier, that's why I'm making this post to share with you how to add a little luxe to your shower.

Befirre you get in the shower I like to do an avocado mask or a deep conditioning treatment in the very beginning of the shower and let it penetrate into the hair by the heat.

Ok, on to the products you need..


Who knew these existed??? I never put much thought into it until after university and realized the water around campus had completely changed my hair. It not only damaged my hair but I had to wash it so much more!

WaterChef Premium Shower Filter System (Also comes in gold) $80

If you are losing hair or it is weak and thinning try this! It seriously changed my hair!


Cold pressed avocado oil $12

Before I got laser, I used this to shave, it is obviously hydrating and makes your skin like silk! This one is great because it comes with a pump!

Jo Malone Red Roses oil (to bathe)

My sister made me get this because she was talking to the CEO of a hospital and asked her the key to success and I kid you not this is what she said. For me, this is like taking a magnesium supplement, it is so relaxing!


Ocean Salt by Lush $36

This is the best scrub I've found. It is an extreme exfoliate, that works wonders.

Herbivore Coconut Milk $36

This is such an amazing soak. It leaves your skin smelling like coconut and vanilla.


Black dispenser pump $2

I add this to my shampoo, conditioner, oil, body wash, etc. pretty much everything I use in the shower! It makes everything easier to use I twist it on all of my shower necessities.

Weck Glass Jar $4

The weck glass container is what I use for my overnight oats, LOL. But it is akso really great to use to hold when I make my own brown sugar scrub!


Restoration Hardware Towels

I tried these because of Into the Gloss and they really are amazing.

Ralph Lauren Cotton Terry Robe $79

So plush, you need this.


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