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Current Obsessions

E! Morning Movies

Before Sex & the City comes on in the afternoons there has been morning movies that are oldies but goodies. Yesterday was the Princess Diaries and today was Enchanted. E! has been running a morning movie, Sex & the City then the Kardashians. I'm really into that.. LOL!

Hail Merry salted chocolate macaroons

This is a new holiday flavor which has easily become my favorite flavor. I've been eating them after Pure Barre with my coffee. TOO GOOD.

HB x PB Hailey Baldwin Shoe Launch

Pubilc Desire x Hailey Baldwin launched today, she teased a preview on her snapchat yesterday and they look so pretty, and sexy. Need to get my hands on them!

That's it for today, off to go coat shopping, but first I need to break into ShuttheKaleUps raw cheesecake I made yesterday...


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