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Lets Talk Journals

The Five-Minute Journal

This journal allowed me to get rid of my gratitude journal. It also allows you to set your intentions for the day and affirmations.

52 Lists for Happiness

My friend Claire bought me this ad I'm in love with it. I don't use it everyday but its really fun to fill out and makes it easier to dig deeper into what you want in your everyday.

Moleskin Classic Blank Notebook

Because everyone needs a blank journal. I always have a moleskin with me in my bag. I love them because they're the and you can get whatever size you need.

Shinola the Runwell Planner

Not really a journal but same umbrella. I basically use this as a journal to plot and plan. I love this one because its not obnoxious and when traveling this is all ill throw this in my carry-on to work on my schedule.


Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen $22

Mont Blanc PIX Black Ballpoint Pen $225

Clueless Feather Pen $10


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