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Current Obsessions

Happy Monday--Here is a list you need this week!

Body Detox Skin Brush Exfoliating body brush $45

I dry brush 2x a week before I shower. It is detoxifying and a natural exfoliate. This is the perfect brush to do it with. It is a huge buffer brush that works but doesn't irritate the skin. This is even more important to do in the winter.

Trader Joe's Coconut Oil Packets $3

I use the regular coconut oil jar mixed with other oils (see recipe here) all over my body after I shower. But I also use coconut oil to cook and to oil pull with in the morning. I'm so excited Trader Joe's released these packets because they're perfect for traveling. I throw them in my bag so I can have an emergency makeup remover, oil pull, moisturizer, etc. etc.


TOM FORD Lips & Boys Lip Color $36

This is the new lipstick they just released following their original line (my favorite was 'Blush Nude'). I love this new line though because it is more versatile, you can use this for lip and cheek.


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