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All Time Favorite Lattes

I usually stick with black coffee or bulletproof if I'm heading to a workout, but on weekends or coffee dates I usually almost always get a latte. I rounded up some of my favorite places so you can check them out if you're in the area.

DETROIT: Atomic coffee (rose latte is to die), Anthology coffee

LA: I'll always love Alfred, my favorite is Brentwood but of course melrose will do, Groundwork coffee

SALT LAKE CITY: La Barba Coffee, Publik, The Rose Establishment

CHICAGO: 3 Arts Club Cafe, Heritage Bicycles: Bicycles and Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

BAY CITY: Harless & Hugh

DALLAS: Weekend Coffee, Local Press + Brew

ANN ARBOR: Lab (used to love glass box but they closed) but Lab has the loveliest lavender honey latte

PARIS: Cafè Kitsune

Pair a latte with 'Milk and Honey' and good company and you have an afternoon waiting.


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