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Bath Series

Bath series was an idea that really was the reason I made my blog in the first place. I finally have a bath and haven't in forever so I was excited and really inspired to use it and create different bath series to share with you! I have had this saved as a draft since the beginning and my friend Claire was just talking about this so I thought this would be a good time to post!

I want to start with the basics, so here is the original mix. *more to come*

Start by running your bath with 1 part epsom salts, 2 parts baking soda

Then I add in coconut oil (a couple spoonfuls)

I change which essential oils I use, lavender is always good but lately I've been loving rose extract mixed with rosehip oil.

Shop the basics below.

Epsom salts (I like Dr. Teals but I haven't found them unflavored so when I'm using rose I like to use this one)

Coconut Oil (any brand works)

Pure rose extract

Rosehip oil

Pair the rose with the Voluspa 'French Bourbon Vanilla' candle and you will feel so relaxed and rejuvenated.


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