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Current Obsessions

Dove Body Wash with Argan oil $6

I don't like using store bought body washes because of the additives and chemicals.... but let me just tell you this is worth it. It smells like it is first cousins with the Chloe perfume line.

Dr. Bronners Naked Baby Balm $10

This IS ALL I'VE BEEN USING LATELY. I simply cannot get over it. Its definitely an all-in-one product that I am all over! It's a salve but melts into the skin like butter... Speaking of...

Fourth & Heart Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee $15

I've gotten back on bulletproof coffee in the morning after I found this gem. I will post an updated bulletproof coffee recipe ASAP. But in the meantime you need to get your hands on this. I don't do dairy very often unless I'm out to a restaurant with friends or indulging in desert or something but I can handle Ghee. The dairy is taken out but that doesn't guarantee you wont have a reaction if you cant do dairy, my sister is dairy free and still has a bad reaction so do your research!



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