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Baby Hoops

I have been LOVING mini hoops for a while, I flirted with the idea in college but mini hoops were never an actual staple until the past year. Maybe it's because more brands are making them or maybe its just a progression of my love (lol). But for earrings they are pretty much the only type I wear. I love them because they are appropriate in all situations, from super casual with a hoodie and hat or super dressy with a jumpsuit and slicked back pony, baby hoops use pull a look together. Here is a list of my current favorite baby hoop earrings.

AJ Mini Cross Hoops $185

Had to start with these because if you've seen my wishlist (you can find here), you would have found these on them at the end of last year. Perfect mini hoops and even though they aren't plain they still can be an everyday earring.

Nordstrom Nadri Small Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings $35

Topshop Set of Six Hoop Earrings $32


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