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Current Summer Favorites (Skincare)

So believe it or not (from this title) I am REALLY scaling back on skincare. I've become a skincare junkie mainly because of this book. And have had a whole skincare routine DOWN. But the more products I have been using I noticed the more sensitive my skin has become. I never have had issues 'breaking out' my skin has always been clear but lately it's becoming more irritated I believe from using products. Less is more and I definitely forgot that through my skincare obsession. Skincare products can be amazing to people but I read this stat that most skincare products lead to further skin damage rather than a remedy. Skincare products are filled with chemicals for shelf life, fragrance, consistency, etc. that are toxic. Instead of looking for a remedy we need to be looking for prevention.

With that being said these are skincare products that I still use and believe are essential while being conscientious of the harms of skincare products. Yes, they are that good.

Oaui Rose Body/Hair oil

I have never liked lotion, I always use oils instead. I was using coconut oil all over my body for a while but my skin got a little irritated with it so I decided to switch it up. This is your perfect weekend oil, the scent is UNREAL it really does smell like you're on a yacht in southern France. To me the strength of the scent is even more important than the actual scent, I hate when a scent is too overpowering even if its the best thing ever like Viktor&Rolf or whatever. This has such a light scent that is heavenly and the bottle makes it super convenient and versatile for body and hair.

Keihl's 'Ultra Facial' Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I have been exclusively using the Keihls moisturizer for a while now but I recently picked up the one with SPF for summer. The scent is a little different (barely) and the consistency is the same although it takes .2 seconds longer to rub in but completely worth it!

Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 35

The consistency is EVERYTHING. This is more like a serum than sunscreen or moisturizer or anything else. Its so silky and has the sheerest beautiful scent. I always want to use this in my night skincare routine because it is so silky and nourishing, AND ITS A SUNSCREEN.

St. Tropez Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask

This is a sheet mask that is so smooth and nourishing and above all else gives you a glow. It is a clear serum (unlike the rest of St. Tropez line) that you let soak into your skin for 20 minutes then it begins to build a glow for the next 8 hours. It is perfect because it doesn't get on your silk pillowcases or transfer color anywhere while building which is amazing. The only thing I strongly suggest is rubbing some of the serum on your eyelids and under eye along with down your neck. Make sure the serum is blending all over before the serum is soaked.


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