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Deeper Sleep

I've been having trouble with anxiety lately and these are good ways to add into your routine to make falling asleep a little bit easier.

Silk Slip Sleepmask $45

Sleep cycle app - Free from the app store, this has been life changing for me

Calm Magnesium in Lemon-Raspberry $24


Download F. Lux: This is an app to reduce blue light on your iPad or computer. Just like you can set your night shift on your iphone so it automatically turns off the blue light at a certain time, this app does that for everything other than your phone.

Sauna: If you're still struggling with your sleep, saunas can help. My friend Ryan used to really struggle with getting sleep and he swears by 30 minutes in a sauna.

EMF's: Make sure your wifi is off, and you always put your phone on airplane mode when you sleep--You'll get all your messages in the morning

Meditation: Not much of a surprise but slowing down your mind will help you sleep better at night. There are so many apps and podcasts of meditations, guided meditations are the way to go if you've haven't ever gotten into meditating yet.

AM Xx.

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