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No Caffiene

Caffeine alternatives

My sister has been trying to get me to read 'Woman Code' for years, but it wasn't until I saw her on HBFit when I discovered how great she was. Hannah Brofman has been one of my favorite bloggers and actually motivated me to make mine a year back so I really do trust her and who she has on her platform.So anyways, I've been really loving Alisa Vitti lately (in case you haven't seen this video YOU NEED TO I've literally been so annoying telling all of my friends about it). But she believes that women pre menopause should not be drinking caffeine, at all. I'm not behind her 100% selfishly because I love a caffeine fix but I have been scaling back major. Beyond the caffeine I love the coffee ritual so I've been looking for alternatives, simple herbal teas just won't cut it for me, I'm not at that level yet. Here is a list of coffee alternatives worth trying.

Maca Latte

I wrote this latte for a spread in 'Label Creatives Magazine', it's super simple and perfect for mornings instead of bulletproof

-1 teaspoon maca powder

-1/2 teaspoon of coconut sugar

-1 teaspoon Brain Octane Oil

-1¼ cups of steamed cashew milk

Blend and pour

Dandy Blend

Recommended by Hannah Brofman (HBFit) you can get this on Amazon and is so much better than anything else to me. If you live in Michigan you can find it at Plum Market, if not you can order it on Amazon!

Crio Bru Ghana French Roast Coffee Alternative 100% Ground Cocoa Beans

Last on the list, mainly because it's easy to find--at most Targets.

Alisa Vitti has also been on Katie Dalebout's podcast, 'Let it out'. If you dont know about Katie I strongly suggest you get on that because she is such a sweatheart, inside&out.



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