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Best of Beuaty 2017

Ok, this will be a lot... Here it goes, best of beauty 2017.

Fresh Sugar Face Polish

I switched from ExfoliKate to this. It is a physical exfoliant you apply dry and as it exfoliate is dissolves and doesn't leave your skin stripped because it leaves you moisturized from the grapeseed oil in it, this product is just plain downright dreamy.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance (Glycolic Acid) Pads

Similar to the ones by Dr. Dennis Gross, these are magical. Coming home from Paris for a few weeks, my skin was wack I just felt like my moisturizer wasn't reaching my skin so I used these and just from ONE time my skin was totally back. My sister had really bad eczema visiting Michigan and I told her to try one, she has really sensitive skin and was super nervous to try them and it honestly cleared her skin probably 80% within two minutes. So even if you have really really sensitive skin I would strongly suggest trying them.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate

One of the most famous, covering shelves in Parisian pharmacies for its rich formula. It quickly absorbed into skin, it doesn't feel like anything it on your skin, simply leaves your skin feeing perfectly moisturized.

Cocokind Chia Facial Oil

I'm in my third bottle... Perfect, lightweight, good ingredients, so I feel really good about sleeping in it.

Sigma E40 Tapered Brush

The blending brush I've been reaching for all year. A lot of crease brushes are too big or too small, here is a perfect in between.

Natural Eyes by Too Faced

Speaking of eyes, for my dark brown eyes this is the only palette I need. There is a shade called Nudie that is absolute perfection, if you want to add more drama cashmere bunny applied with the e40 is a power duo. I will always love warm-toned looks.

Maybeline Dream Cream Blush in Coffee Cake

I picked this up after seeing Coco use it in a 'get ready with me'. I don't like a powder blush so I'll usually use a lipstick as a blush to create a monochromatic look but this blush makes everything easier because it blends like a dream.

Si by Giorgio Armani

This has been my favorite perfume for years now and everytime I go to change it or buy a different bottle I always end up coming back to it. It is a sophisticated, warm, but also a chic scent.

Dr. Bronners Organic Lip Balm unscented

Convenient to buy, best ingredients and will help the 'Chapstick addiction' because it doesn't have all of the added chemicals which make lip balms addicting.

Lawless Beauty Liquid Lipstick

Annie Lawless is the ultimate girl boss. Lawless is her new makeup line that launched with liquid lipsticks that are beautiful, creamy pigments without all of the loaded chemicals and toxins. These are incredible and the lipstick every girl should own.

Essie Gel Polish in Fairy Tailer

Before this polish I had never finished a bottle (similar to lip balm) but I'm on my third bottle... It is pure perfection--formula and shade.


Ok, so as I was putting this together its pretty crazy how many dupes I had from last year. I think it is an attestant to how great these products are.. but here are my favorites of this year annnnnnnd last!

Keihls Ultra Facial Moisturizer

I've continued to use this all year because it not only is the perfect moisturizer, it is the perfect primer too. Its a two in one and I've turned so many people onto it, girls, guys, I've never had someone not like it.

Oribe dry texturizing spray, still

There just is seriously nothing better, is gives you mad volume and aside from all hair purposes the scent alone is a reason to buy this.

Glossier Balm Dotcom

Still need this, especially in the winter the formula is super rich. The only difference from last year is I switched form count to unscented and continue using on my cuticles, lips, everywhere.

St. Tropez 2 hour express

And I've been adventurous this year with trying all kinds of new products, this has remained my favorite.

Anastasia Brow Wiz (I use Medium Brown)

Fastest way to fill them in, compact and doubled as a liner.

Maybe I should just start a Youtube to explain these a lot easier..


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