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Best of Beuaty: Tips 2017

Things I wish I knew longer than just this year...

Fuller brows: Use a primer to your brows (I use Dior show primer before using glossier boy brow).

-Catt Sadler

Every night you sleep in your makeup or have makeup residue it results in 7 days of aging, even if you use a makeup wipe or wash your face... basically tone tone tone this also includes self tanner like St. Tropez, instead use Kate Somerville towelettes.

-Jessica work at the Chanel counter at somerset

Matching skincare: I think even more important than coordinating eye cream and moisturizer I have to use coordinating face wash and moisturizer. Brands create products that work best with their other products, this is how they test them.

Splash warm water and sea salt over your face in the morning and don't use face wash afterward.

To make your perfect blush shades, mix your favorite lipstick with your favorite cream to create a monochromatic look.

Less is more, when is comes to all products.


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