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Meet my Inspos: Alison Albright

Meet Alison. I have been seriously 'girl-gazing' her for forever. I first found her through her Instagram (@Alison.Albright) and felt super connected because her style and taste embodies so much of what I love. She has a beautiful page with stunning visuals that always give me inspiration. She also happens to be one of the sweetest.

With an attitude that is only empowering--I once annoyingly dm-ed about where to find a necklace she was wearing that was stunning and she graciously responded where she got it custom made from but also a few other of her favorite lines to find something similar, she's such a doll.

Oh, she also is part of one of the best power duos, her and her best friend Nicola Ann Peltz. Think modern day Marissa & Summer.

Alison embodies so much of what all girls should strive to be, not just a pretty face but empowering and supportive of everyone. With beauty, brains and heart, she really has it all.

I'm so happy that she's on the blog, enjoy our chat.

Favorite makeup product:

Pillow talk lipliner by Charlotte Tilbury

Coffee order:

Chai latte with soy milk and a shot of espresso

Tell me a little bit about you and what you're currently into:

Fashion / portrait photography and I also love finding new clothing brands that are independently owned and designed

Essentials to relax/unwind after a long day:

A glass of wine and a tv show or a bubble bath

What are your top 3 purse essentials:

Mophie, headphones and lip balm

Who are your inspirations right now:

I am always the most inspired by my friends! You can also look at who I'm following on Instagram to see which accounts inspire me... I follow new ones all the time

Best advice you've ever been given (or can give) :

When you get sad, get grateful

Go-to snack:

I have halo top ice cream almost every night! Oatmeal cookie is my favorite flavor

Nail color go to:

Wildfire (CND shellac)

Best thing to splurge on:

Shoes, bags, and jewelry

Favorite places in current city:

My house! I also love how cozy Soho House is


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