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Current Obsessions

Ok, its been a while...

BUT I have a few really great picks for this month..

SEPHORA COLLECTION Black Magic Eye Makeup Remover Cloths

These are actually amazing. Of course, I'd prefer them come in black but whatever these are the most plush little pads that work so much better than cotton rounds. I love to use Glossier's milky jelly cleaner and warm water and use it all over my face. Or you can always use a little Bioderma or just water and it will still take off mascara with out any product. These are the most gentle things that have hit my lashes. Clean up is also really easy, just throw them in the washer/dryer.

Barney's Podcast

I was really into Goop's podcast (and still do) but I added a new one to my deck. I love this because every episode is hosted by the creatives of the company.

TJ's Cauliflower Gnocchi

Trader Joe's newest favorite. It is Cauliflower, Cassava flour, Olive oil and that about it. I like to make it with a little Avocado oil in a frying pan. Then I add a little Rao's and Kite Hill almond ricotta.


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