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Best Collabs This Week

Chrissy x goop

Such a good listen. I tune into goops podcast basically every week—it makes my Thursday’s!! But I was extra excited this week when I saw Chrissy was featured. It was a super casual chat at Chrissy’s house, it was a fun episode. Hearing their dynamic together is really fun.

RoseInc. x Steph Shep

I mean. Need I say more, two of my favorite people collabing talking about my favorite subject. Also one of my favorite photographers to cover it, the photos and content, beautiful.

Chloe and Kaia

This isn’t really a collab.. but Kaia walking for Chloe in PFW was a highlight for sure. Chloe is one of my absolute favorite designers, one of the first designers I fell in love with since high school. It embodies so much of who I am and what I love so seeing someone like Kaia walk in PFW made me extremely happy (She looked beautiful in Ralph Lauren and Valentino too).

JustBOBBI talk with VIOLET GREY Founder Cassandra Grey

I've been a big fan of Cassandra Grey so I was super excited to this this on JustBOBBI. If you haven't read or come across this yet, JustBOBBI is Bobbi Brown's new platform. After leaving her brand, this is where she's putting her focus, this, her new hotel, and creating a beauty vitamin line (featured on the blog).


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