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All About The Body - Taking Care of Your Body For Fall

With the cooler months ahead, along comes the need for extra hydration and attention to the skin. I swap out my summer skincare for thicker, richer creams and oils for the fall.

I love to make my own body oil (I'll put up the recipe soon). Filled with shea butter, grapeseed oil, and lots of delicious essential oils to make a rich, nourishing warm sandalwood/vanilla oil that I love to drench my body in right out of the shower before I dry off. Whenever I run out, my boyfriend is first to remind me because he loves it so much.

Along with this oil, I love to incorporate thick moisturizers and gentle exfoliants. Another sneaky way products can dehydrate your skin are fragrances. I always lean towards unscented products, especially with body products to protect myself against unnecessary chemicals your skin will absorb. It's also nice to give your body a blank canvas so if you are wearing a perfume, it can really shine. With that said, some of these products come with scents from essential oils that I love. Just be careful, because essential oils are more powerful than you think. And even if you are using a fragrance free product, if you're having skin irritation or eczema, it could be from an essential oil.

Here are some of my favorite colder month skin essentials below:

Everyone Nourishing Lotion - I love this lotion because it is a weightless, moisturizing formula. Sometimes with a 'clean' body moisturizer, it takes a while to absorb into the skin. But this one is quick to soak into the skin and leaves your body feeling moisturized until your next shower.

Nécessaire's The Body Exfoliator - My favorite scrub, it has a physical and chemical exfoliant (AHA/BHA/PHA). Incredibly effective without ever being stripping or drying.

Ouai Scalp/Body Scrub - I love to use this on a date night. The exfoliant is a mix of coconut oil and sugar and especially nice on your legs for shaving.

Nécessaire's The Body Wash - Best of Allure beauty for a reason. It's balancing, gentle, softens while cleansing the skin. Perfection.

Goop Afterglow Body Oil - I love treating myself to this if I run out of my oil I make or when I'm too lazy to refill. It is a clean, moisturizing, rich body oil that checks off every box.

KORA Oragnics Noni Glow Face Oil - I have gone through about 4 of these bottles. The noni face oil is my absolute favorite. A beautiful, organic rich oil that is actually very light on the skin. I suggest this to everyone, especially those who are scared about using a face oil, this one is perfect for all skin types.

Weleda Skin food - An essential of mine for years. A super rich formula that is perfect to mix with your face moisturizer for the winter months. It is a barrier of hydration.

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