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How To Cut Caffeine

Every year I like to cut caffeine from my diet a few times during the year to help regulate my hormones. Sometimes I will just cut back, other times I will cut caffeine completely, depending on what my body needs. Cutting caffeine also regulates blood sugar, causing less cravings--especially sugar! It also helps regulate your nervous system, so if you're struggling with anxiety this could be a huge shift in your health and have a big impact. I love coffee and espresso (like the reason I wake up in the morning sometimes) but sometimes I find myself slipping into having more than I should. This is when I like to cut back opting out for matcha. When I'm cutting caffeine completely this is what I do.

If you are someone who is having at least a cup a day consistently, you will likely have withdrawals from caffeine if you cut it. I start by dropping down to one cup in the morning, and a matcha in the afternoon. After a few days, I switch to just matcha. Having one matcha a day usually prevents or helps with caffeine headaches. Depending if I am cutting back on caffeine sometimes I'll stop there, just making matcha instead of coffee for a few weeks. However, if I am cutting caffeine completely, I'll use this as a stepping stone. If you aren't the biggest fan of matcha, I highly suggest investing in a ceremonial grade matcha before you write it off. I'll list my favorite brands below.

I love the morning ritual of a coffee. Starting the day with sunlight and hot cup of coffee with steamed milk. Even if I do not want caffeine I want this ritual. And tea for me just doesn't cut it--I wish it did! After I switch to solely matcha for a week or two I will switch to Dandy Blend. Dandy Blend is a coffee alternative made from ground dandelion and chicory root which gives it that nutty rich flavor (like coffee) but is caffeine free and filled with antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory to your body. I mix 1 tsp. of dandy blend with hot water then add your milk of choice (my favorite is always Vanilla Malk). They also have great travel packets I love to bring when I'm traveling.

Another alternative to coffee I love is a chai latte. Not the liquid chai mix that comes filled with sugar and natural flavors--my favorite is the Soul Chai powder. Whatever chai you're using, Soul will knock it out of the water I promise you. My favorite chai is the Masala chai powder, but they have another one that is Rooibos Masala chai powder (completely caffeine free). I make this similar to the Dandy Blend, adding hot water, letting it sit for a minute then staring and adding steamed milk of choice.

Another alternative worth mentioning of course are the Four Sigmatic mushroom powders. These are great for whatever need you have, I love making these at night but you could of course use these as coffee alternatives as well. The mushroom hot cocoa with reishi is my favorite.

The last tip I have is to add in electrolytes for a mid afternoon pick me up, my favorites are the LMNT electrolytes. These can help when you just need a little something (usually in the afternoon is when its tempting to reach for some energy). Electrolytes helps me recharge a little bit and LMNT also has magnesium in it to help with regulating your blood sugar, help with headaches (you may be experiencing from lack of caffeine), and also reduces stress levels.

So I hope this helps, let me know if you are cutting back on caffeine or giving it up completely. I have switched to matcha for the last few weeks and definitely feel better but I will be inspired if I hear from you to cut it completely again. Sometimes its hard to get motivation to! But I hope these recs help, and hopefully some of them are new to you to try. Xx.

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